Case Study: SEO Optimizations That Placed Our E-Commerce Client On Page #1 Of Google

About The Client

Lifetreewellness has a combined 60 plus years of experience – with testimonies galore of hearings that have taken place using God’s methods.

Their staff offers a wide selection of services which include Detox Programs, Foot Detox, Lemon Wraps Plus, Cold Sheet Packs, Rife Technology, Far Infra Red Saunas, Contrast Therapy, Vitamin C Therapy, Oxygen Therapy, Diagnostics, Bio-Mechanical Therapy, Massage Therapies, Herbal Therapies & much more!

You can learn more about them here:

SEO Audit: Issues With Website

I conducted an audit of the clients website to get a sense of the underlying issues that occurred. I use custom high level software to scrape websites which is typically undiscoverable to the human eye. Here is what I discovered:

Many Broken Links Scattered Across Website (404's)

There were many broken links that existed across the website. A broken link occurs when you remove a webpage on your website and another page on your website references the webpage that was removed. There were a lot of instances of these that occurred across the website which negatively impacted the SEO ranking of the website. 

Slow Page Loading Time

Page loading time is one of the most important Google Core Website Vitals when it comes onto SEO rankings. Why? Page loading time determines what type of user experience the visitor will get and often times when a website has a slow loading time the user experience often results in a negative one. The user usually leaves. I knew I had to mitigate this by taking a unique approach.

Resolutions: Immediate fixes

Fixing The 404 Errors (Broken Links)

I Immediately went to rectifiying the issue of fixing the broken links that existed on the page. How I fixed these was using 301 redirects. A 301 redirect is a protocol in which the user is redirected to another page that exists on the site, the 301 is the type of protocol that occurs once this event takes place. I redirected them to a custom 404 page that would redirect the visitor back to the store. This helps so the user doesnt end up leaving your website for good when they cant find what they are looking for. You can see this is the website when the 404 broken links existed:

Before The Fix:

After The Fix:

Custom 404 Page I Created:

Pagespeed Improvements

I did some research on the website and figured out what was slowing the webpage down from the initial paint. It was a YouTube video that was included on the homepage that was slowing the webpage down. I had to be creative in my implementations of fixing this, I didnt want to completely remove the YouTube video because my client insisted it served a purpose so I had to find a work around. I ended up using Google Tag Manager & Javascript which drastically improved the load times of the website. The results are below:

Before The Fix (Slow Page load):

After The Fix (Faster Page load):

You can read more on how I implemented this fix using this link.

Keyword Optimizations That Boosted Rankings

E-Commerce SEO is significantly more difficult than local SEO. Therefore I had to be strategic in the way I performed keyword optimizations. The keyword I choose has to closely relate to the product my client is selling. There were many products that ended up ranking on page #1 but I will take one particular product as an example. 

Keyword: Optimal Advanced Digestion Formula

The reason for this was due to the great results this product received. Its right below Amazon!

Keyword Optimizations:

Below you will see the keyword optimizations (circled in red) that were performed on this product.

Results Of Keyword Optimizations:

Right below Amazon on Page #1! This will result in a lot more sales volume in the following months.

Overall Results

All of the SEO improvements I made to Life Tree Wellness website has result in double the search volume they were receiving before and overall increase in sales volume. Here are some highlights:

Life Tree Wellness Receiving DOUBLE The Search Traffic It Originally Received:



Keywords Making It To Page #1

LIVE Video Evidence Of Page #1 Rankings


To conclude, I want to emphasize that all of these results took a lot of hard work. I was able to get these to rank in page #1 of Google in less than 3 months which is pretty solid. Most SEO takes 6 months to rank but I was about to rank it quicker than anticipated. Not only were the rankings fast but the website is fast, the sales increased and the traffic more than doubled! If you would like similar results , please feel free to reach out to me using the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting!

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